Hitomi Tanaka Fucked In A Car

I don’t care of it was on a bed, at a park, in a plane or in a car, I would do just about anything for an hour with Hitomi Tanaka’s big boobs! Fucking the hell out of her would be an added plus. In this latest scene from Big Tits Tokyo, Hitomi fucks this guy in the back of a car! He starts off by sliding his finger in her wet pussy, fingering her until she squirts! Hitomi then reciprocates by giving him one hell of a blowjob. With his dick rock hard, he gets Hitomi on her back and fucks her to no end!


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Hitomi Pulling Out Her Big Tits

I can only imagine being with big boob babe Hitomi Tanaka, especially after she pulls out her huge tits for the very first time in front of you. Those whopping, natural P cups staring you in the face. Your immediate reaction would be to just stuff your face with them, although grabbing them and fondling to no end would be another great options. Watch this older guy play with Hitomi’s tits, then she pulls them out and this lucky guy goes to town! Courtesy of Busty Asians.


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Hitomi Tanaka and Rin Kajika

This is certainly one of the hottest big boob Japanese scenes ever! Two busty Asian legends, Hitomi Tanaka and Rin Kajika team up to take on one of the luckiest motherfuckers ever. As the two girls play with each other’s big tits, this guy gets in between them, as they work his cock and stuff his face with a whole lot of boobage. Watch this guy taking his pick, fucking both of these big boob babes to no end!


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Playing With Hitomi’s Big Tits

Fondling and messing around with Hitomi Tanaka’s huge tits is probably on a huge “Top 10″ list of things guys fantasize about. Just thinking about her tits hanging over your face, or wrapping them around your cock as she titty fucks is enough to drive anyone crazy. Luckily, Hitomi loves having her tits played with, so all of her movies feature quite a bit of fondling and breast play. In this scene from Busty-Asians, Hitomi directs this guy’s hands all over her tits, to cop a feel and to play with to no end.


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Hitomi Tanaka Threesome Fuck

Hitomi Tanaka is invited for dinner over at two of her friend’s house, but little did she know that they had wanted to double team her. After sipping a little wine for dinner, they got the nerve to ask her and she was more than willing to have a hot threesome with them. They didn’t even finish their food and took off to the bedroom where they instantly started grabbing at Hitomi’s big tits. I think if you’re ever in a position to fuck Hitomi, the first thing you would go after is her tits lol. Hitomi gives them both a taste of her tits, wrapping them around their cocks and squeezing nice and tight. Eventually, they get Hitomi sprawled out over the bed and while one eats out her dripping wet pussy, the other is up there playing with her tits. It doesn’t take long until the two guys are taking turns fucking her, while she’s sucking off the other at the same time! Her tits are going all over the place, bouncing around as these guys just destroy her pussy! Once they can no longer hold it in, they both just bust all over her 36J cup tits!


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Hitomi Tanaka Bathroom Fuck

Hitomi Tanaka loves to fuck whenever the situation presents itself and when her boss accidently came into the bathroom while she was using it, she couldn’t think of a better time to show him how much he really means to her. Her boss instantly started getting ideas when he saw Hitomi’s huge tits just bursting out of her shirt. She asked if he wanted to touch them, and he didn’t miss a beat, he instantly put his hands all over them, fondling and caressing them. Hitomi started getting really turned on as he pinched her nipples and started rubbing her pussy. She knew it was going to be all or nothing, so she pulled down her skirt and let her boss fuck her right on their work bathroom! Hitomi did her best to keep quiet, but you know how this Busty Asian is, she’s a screamer. Luckily, the almost everyone was at lunch, but there were a few who heard what went on. Watch Hitomi get fucked doggy style by her boss!


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Hitomi Tanaka New Years

One of the hottest busty Asians ever, Hitomi Tanaka, brings in the new year with a bang at Scoreland. Hitomi plays hostess, pouring us drinks all night, and giving us glimpses of her colossal cleavage throughout the day. As the evening progresses, Hitomi becomes the centerpiece, getting on the table, teasing her wet pussy through her silk panties and unleashes her huge tits upon us. There’s no better way to bring in the New Year like this!


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ARS-027 - Temptation of Bursting Tits Young Wife

Hitomi Tanaka is featued in this dvd ARS027 - Temptation of Bursting Tits Young Wife. The dvd is 120 minutes long, featuring five full scenes with the lovely Hitomi doing everything she’s known for, blowjobs, titty fucking, boobs bouncing, hardcore fucking and just looking absolutely amazing! Check out this J cup Asian babe in action!


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Hitomi Tanaka Scoreland Movie

Scoreland, one of the largest, if not the largest, big boob sites on the net, debuts their first ever pictorial and video featuring busty Asian queen Hitomi Tanaka! This is a partnership that’s long overdue, and really validates Hitomi as a total busty legend. What’s crazy is, at the time of this post, her material has only been release for 24 hours and she’s already the #1 model on the site per member votes! They definitely know a good thing when they see it. In the intro video, it also marks the first time that I’ve ever heard Hitomi speaking english, which is pretty cool. But this big tit Japanese 40J cup wonder shows off her amazing body, her luscious big tits and uses a banana to simulate a tit fuck that she’s well known for. I’m sure we’ll see much more from Hitomi and Score soon, but until then, take a look at her latest!


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Hitomi Tanaka Boob Fondling

A hot new scene featuring our favorite Busty Asian, Hitomi Tanaka having her big tits played was just updated at Big Tits Tokyo! Hitomi has her massive juggs tied up, and as she begins to play with her friends cock, he can’t keep his hands off Hitomi’s huge tits. While she’s sucking on him, deep throating his cock, he’s playing with Hitomi’s breasts, pinching her nipples and getting her totally off. It seems that more he plays with her tits, the harder that Hitomi sucks! As he slides his cock inbetween her tits, he also reaches around and starts to finger her wet pussy, which drives Hitomi crazy! Watchi this incredibly sexy scene featuring this huge breasted Busty Asian!


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