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This great boob fucking movie featuring Hitomi Tanaka is certainly one of her best. She doesn’t just get off one guy with her boobs, but two guys take turns titty fucking her! These two delivery guys come over to Hitomi’s house to find her working out and bouncing on an exercise ball. With her big tits jiggling all around, these guys get instant wood. Hitomi see’s the bulges in their pants and offers some relief. She pulls down their pants and gets on her knees and takes turns sucking them, and jerking them off, getting them nice and hard. She then lays down on her yoga mat, where the first guy anxiously gets on top of her and slides his cock in-between Hitomi’s awesomely big boobs. As he eventually cums all over her chest, Hitomi is quick to offer the other guy the same treatment. With cum oozing all over her tits, the second guy sits back as Hitomi thrusts her tits on him and squeezes them together as she moves up and down. It’s just too much for any guy to bare for an extended period and he shoots his big load out of her cleavage, with it dripping all over her huge tits.


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Hitomi Tanaka Public Groping

Hitomi Tanaka did one of the coolest things ever, giving back to her fans, although most of them had no clue who it was lol. Hitomi sets up a boob touching station in a busy adult bookstore store in Japan. She takes out her tits and puts them on a shelf, hidden by a curtain and lets who ever wants to come by and touch them, do as they please. One by one, guys start to come in and a few just poke, some squeeze and a few guys lick them. For the most part Hitomi just sits there, but when the guy start licking and sucking on her nipples, she’s getting really turned on. Afterwards, she makes herself known among the crowd and the guys can’t believe they just played with the great, busty Hitomi Tanaka! What a treat that was! Watch this hilarious scene of these guys unknowingly playing with Hitomi’s big tits!


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Nothing gets me hornier than watching Hitomi Tanaka’s enormous 42H cup big tits bouncing around as she gets fucked. One of her latest scenes features an entire scene showing Hitomi POV style! You can imagine what it’s like to have Hitomi wrapping her huge H cups around your cock, watching her below you as you fuck missionary and picture her straddling your cock as she rides you from behind. In this clip, Hitomi spreads her legs wide so this lucky guy gets maximum penetration as he sinks his cock deep into Hitomi’s pussy. She’s going crazy with every thrust, moaning and screaming as she’s ready to cum. She can’t help her tits from bouncing all over the place and even tries to hold on to them, but it’s energy she’d rather spend elsewhere. Plus, she knows that guys love to watch her tits bouncing all around as they fuck her. Check out this big breasted Japanese babe in action at Busty Asians!

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We all know that Hitomi Tanaka loves to fuck, but even more so, she loves cum! This big tit Japanese cum slut loves to take huge loads all over her pretty face. In this scene from Big Tits Tokyo, Hitomi enjoys some public sex, giving these guys some serious blowjobs, deep throating them completely. Once these guys are ready to blow, Hitomi directs them to shot their loads all over her face and they blast her, completely covering her hair, face and it oozes all over her massive big tits. This busty cum slut loves it all!


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Can you imagine Hitomi Tanaka’s J cup tits around your cock? I can’t. They’re so big, they would completely cover your dick. Hitomi loves having guys slide their cocks inside her cleavage where she gets them off. This time though, with two guys wanting to have fun with her, titty fucking was just foreplay. Hitomi lets these two guys play with her big tits before she sucks them both off and they have their way with her Japanese tight pussy. Enjoy this hardcore Hitomi scene courtesy of BustyAsians!


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Hitomi Tanaka Vibrator Gangbang

Hitomi Tanaka decided to have some fun with the guys at local bath house, so she went there in her bikini and let all the guys gawked at her massive big tits. An acquaintance spotted her and he knew how wild Hitomi can be, so he got her to remove her top. Instantly, all the guys surrounded her. She told her friend that she had a vibrator in one of her bags and that they could all have some fun. Instantly, he retrieved it, while all the guys started to get touchy feely with Hitomi’s monster tits. As her friend started to use the vibrator on her wet pussy, she started to squirm a bit, so all the guys grabbed a limb and other bodies parts and pinned her down, so Hitomi’s friend could get continue with the vibrator. Hitomi naturally loves every second of it, moaning in pleasure as her pussy swells and juices flow. See how it all ends at Public Sex Japan!


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Hitomi Tanka Pussy Licking

I think when most guys are with Hitomi, they’re so mesmerized by her huge tits that they totally forget the foreplay everywhere else! I’m sure I would fall in that group as well. If given that chance, I would immediately go for her 40J cup big tits and spend all my time playing with them, licking and massaging them and making sure they wrap around my you know what. Well, in one of the latest scenes over at Busty-Asians, this guy doesn’t forget that Hitomi has needs too, and treats Hitomi to some oral sex, before he has his way with her. Hitomi totally gets off on it, moaning, squealing and grabbing her big tits, while he uses his mouth to satisfy her. Hitomi returns the favor with a great blowjob, getting him nice and hard (as if he wasn’t already), before spreading her legs once again so he can enter her. Take a look at this hot scene and watch Hitomi get her pussy licked good!


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Hitomi Tanaka was taking the subway to work when she spotted an on fuck buddy and his friend all alone. Her ex fb immediately saw her bulging tits and remembered how good it felt fucking her. Since the it was a good 30 minutes until their stop, both guys convinced Hitomi to have sex in their open car. There was only a few people, but they were way in front, they could easily do this if they were relatively quiet. They start ripping off Hitomi’s shirt to play with her big tits and take off her dress, and start rubbing her already wet pussy. Hitomi starts sucking them off, but they want to fuck, and they both only have a short while to do it. Hitomi rips off her panties and spread her legs right there in front of anyone who walks by. The guys take turns fucking Hitomi, her big tits are bouncing up and down, and the guys are grabbing on to them while they slide in and out. Eventually they both drop their big loads of cum all over Hitomi’s face. She absolutely loves facials. She barely had enough time to clean up, get dressed and get to work, but it was sure worth it.


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Hitomi Using A Vibrator

I love watching Hitomi Tanaka having her boobs played with and getting fucked, but when I came across one of the latest movies at Busty Asians of Hitomi playing with herself I almost creamed myself. Hitomi starts off doing a little yoga and meditation, but as you could only imagine, she couldn’t keep her hands off her 40J cup tits, so she started caressing them and getting really turned on. She remembered that her trusty, pink vibrator was in the nightstand, so she took it out and start rubbing up against her now wet pussy. Eventually she could not take it anymore and removed her panties, pulled up her shirt and had a full on masturbation session! She moans so hard as the vibrator rubs against her swollen clit. As she holds her big tits in one hand, she is using the other to make her cum so hard. You have to see this one!


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Hitomi Tanaka Motorboating

Can you imagine these hot 40J cup Japanese tits stuffed in your face? I can only imagine the great pleasure it would be. Hitomi Tanaka’s latest movies features this busty Asian doing what we love to see, sucking and fucking, with her giant boobs bouncing all over. I love when Hitomi gets in the missionary position and you can stare down at her, watching her big tits flapping as she gets pounded with every inch of that hard cock. Her large areolas are certainly an added bonus too. Covering almost her entire large breasts, they’re landing pad for a nice big load that Hitomi always enjoyrs. Take a look at this hardcore Hitomi Tanaka movie.


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