Hitomi Tanaka Bukkake

In this gallery from Busty Asians, big boob Asian Hitomi Tanaka is playing with several guys on the public transportation! I am not sure how they pulled this off but Hitomi is surrounded by several men on the train and they start to play and fondle her giant 40J tits. They pull them out of her tight lace bra and start to slip their hands down her pants and feeling her tight pussy too. Hitomi gets down on her knees and uses a combination of her hands and mouth to stroke as suck as many of the guys off as possible while she moans from the pleasure of having her pussy played with. Then, one by one the guys start to cum and they cover her face with cum. Before long her beautiful face is covered under a ton of sweet jizz - all in public!


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Hitomi Tanaka Breast Fondled

Hitomi Tanaka is a super sexy Japanese babe with huge Asian tits. In this free gallery from Busty-Asians she is showing off her giant 40J tits while two men play with them and lick her pussy. They rub and squeeze her massive jugs and then put vibrators on her nipples to make her horny. She gets down on her knees and begins to rub the cocks of both men, becoming very turned on. She pulls off all of their clothes and sits on a hard cock while wrapping her lips around the second guy as he stands by her side. Hitomi is loving enjoying two cocks at once. Her favorite position is being fucked from behind by one cock in doggy style position while filling her mouth with the other. Photos do no justice for this amazing Asian beauty! You have to visit Busty-Asians and see this entire uncensored video of Hitomi Tanaka getting stuffed with 2 cocks at once!


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Hitomi Loves to Titty Fuck

Oh Hitomi, I never get enough of you! Hitomi Tanaka is hands down, my favorite Japanese idol. I have always wanted to titty fuck her massive 40J tits and the lucky bastard in this gallery beat me to it! Her huge tits are being held in by her tiny pink bikini, but not for long. She gets her tits and wet and slippery and slides them up and down the shaft of this big cock. After becoming very turned on she lies down on her back and is fucked stupid as her titties bounce all over and even smack her in the face! This fuck scene is full of shiny slippery oil and it makes her body look even more incredible. I don’t think there is a sexier Asian in the world but if there is you can probably find her at Busty-Asians alongside this beauty!


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Hitomi Tanaka Gangbang

Hitomi Tanaka has come a long way online in a short amount of time. It seemed like it was just a few months ago that Hitomi was going topless for the first time. Now, 6 months later, not only is Hitomi doing full on hardcore Japanese porn, her most recent movies feature gangbangs and bukake! Can you believe such a sweet and innocent looking girl would be doing that? I sure didn’t.

If you’ve ever been or seen Japan’s subway system, it’s the closest thing to a sardine can as you can get. They literally pack you in until they can’t fit a single person in. The subway workers shove people in like you would compact trash. So with people so close, and mixing men and women together on the same trains, there have been a very large number of reported groping cases. I mean, it’s very easy to say that you’re rubbing up against someone because they’re literally butt up against you, but of course that’s just an excuse.

Can you imagine if Hitomi rode the subway? Her 40J tits pushed up against you? Well, in her latest movie, Hitomi takes the subway to work and gets fondled all the way to work. The difference is, she’s encouraging it. After these guys take turns rubbing her big breasts, Hitomi pulls up her bra, pulls down her panties, gets on her knees and takes turns sucking a handful of cocks on the train. The guys then take turns fucking her, sometimes with Hitomi doggy style, while she’s giving a guy a blowjob in front of her. When it comes time for these men to get off the train, they get off on Hitomi’s face, unloading their hot cum all over her pretty face. Check out this full length hardcore Hitomi gangbang video.


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Hitomi Tanaka Gallery

The beautiful Hitomi Tanaka posing in her small, white bikini. In these shots you really get a sense of how tiny Hitomi is. She’s really short, but those boobs, those big boobs look huge on her tiny frame. She is definitely one of the hottest busty asians out there. Check out this gallery from Busty Asians.

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Hitomi Tanaka Titty Fuck

One of the benefits of having 36J cup tits is that you can give the best tit fucks that any guy could experience. And from the few hardcore scenes that Hitomi has done, she’s always happy to put a cock in between her big tits. In this scene “Nurse Hitomi” comes to check out one of her patients wearing a white bikini with her big boobs bursting out. The patient’s medicine seems to be Hitomi’s big boobs, because it doesn’t take long for him to start playing with them and get a smile on his face. Hitomi is happy to give him some hands on rehabilitation and wraps her big tits around this man’s hard cock. As Hitomi bounces up and down, this man eventually is cured and cums all over her huge tits. I’m now pronouncing Hitomi Tanaka the queen of Asian titty fucking.


Play With Hitomi’s Tits

Hitomi Tanaka loves for her big tits to be played with. Might even go as far as saying she loves having them fondled. What’s the difference? Not much. Hitomi lies down expecting a massage, but when the masseuse says to lay on her back, Hitomi knows her big boobs are going to be the center of attention. She leaves on her black bikini while her boobs are massaged, caressed by this anonymous woman. She touches Hitomi’s breasts ever so lightly. This is one sexy boob massage.

hitomi tanaka

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Hitomi Tanaka Hardcore Movie

Hitomi Tanaka does her first hardcore movie ever! Previously, this busty asian has just posed by herself in bikini’s, bras, etc, never even getting nude! She took the plunge with not only showing the entire world her natural J cup tits, but she’s showing the world how she fucks too! She sucks cock, gives this guy a great titty fuck, then the real action comes. Hitomi lies on her back while she’s getting plowed, her big tits are bouncing all over the place. Who knew she was so wild? Check out all the action at Busty-Asians.com


Hitomi Boob Play

One of my favorite things to do is play with women’s tits. Having a big breast fetish, I actually go out of my way to date women with big boobs. It’s just a preference, no different than not dating someone who smokes. I don’t date women with small boobs. Anyway, one of the videos of Hitomi Tanka features this lovely busty asian having her big boobs played with. After getting a massage, her massuer tells her to “flip.” All you spa mongers knows what that means = happy ending. Hitomi flips over and she gets oil rubbed all over her huge boobs. Before she knows it, she’s having them played with, but Hitomi is loving every minute of it. The woman plays with them very lovingly, and even goes under her bikini and brushes against her nipples too. I’m so jealous. Take a look.


Hitomi Tanaka Bikini

Hitomi Tanaka looks awesome in this black bikini. Her huge 36J cup boobs are bursting out, as I’m sure it’s hard to find a top that fits. Hitomi is a tiny thing too. She stands just 5′ feet tall, 24″ waist, 32″ hips and 36″ bust. Her big boobs are totally natural too! And just look at that little ass of hers, so yummy!


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